Short Film ‘After Trayvon’ Explores What It Means To Be A Black Man In America

Powerful. One thing that especially hit me during this video: We internalize the oppressor’s fear of ourselves. We are taught to not trust our brothers and sisters. We are taught to constantly edit ourselves - not for approval, but survival. We are taught Black is bad, white is right. Yet, these ideas don’t stay this simple throughout lifetimes; they contour into messy knots inside of us, leaving a host of internal mental and emotional damage. 

To be Black in America means to be constantly in danger, of discrimination and internalized fear. The blog I’m reblogging this from - knowledgeequalsblackpower - holds the key in its’ name: we must educate ourselves. Learn our history, the truth about ourselves. No, it won’t lead to instant freedom. But it’s a damn good start.  


thanks for reblogging this, t.; i didn’t see it, the first round.

and you remember what i said about some of this internalized us/them stuff, no? that mierda kills, brother. mm.

for everyone else: excellent short film.